Review of the Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit & Red-Diamond Filters

Haida Filter M10

At the start of the year 2019, Haida replaced the 100-Pro Series Square Filter System. with a new one, called: « M10 Filter Holder Kit », superseding their old system. Thanks to the team Haida to let me the chance to try and use the new M10 Filter Holder Kit. Beyond the quality of the system (we will talk below), I find it useful, light and simple.

I received the Haida M10 Filter Holder Kit & Red-Diamond Filters. (here is some shots taken with the filters)

M10 Drop-In 10-Stop ND Filter, Red-Diamond 100mm 6-Stop ND Filter, Haida M10 Drop-In Nano-Coating Round CPL Filter and Haida 100mm Clear-Night Filter NanoPro MC Light Pollution Reduction for Sky / Star.

The Filter Holder System is composed of 3 parts :
– Adapter Ring: M10 Exclusive, optional sizes from 37mm to 82mm
– M10 Holder: in Aluminum, insert filters at 100mm width x2mm
– Light Barrier: To prevent light leakage when using the holder without round filters.


Haida Filter M10



Conclusion :

What I say when I talk about the M10 Holder is: « simply pull the ND out of the drop-in slot, plug in the light barrier or CPL and take another picture right away ».

The change takes a maximum of 3 seconds. The installation of the holder took only 10secondes. After some test phase, I am convinced of the idea and the practical application of the holder system. Starting with the adapter ring, which has reasonable dimensions, when installing or uninstalling one does not hurt one’s fingers,

I especially like the drop-in slot.

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