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by Samir BELHAMRA @Grafixart_photo

Full Moon in Cannes la Bocca

Before starting, I prefer to say it right away: I am not a professional photographer! I do not have this ambition and I do not feel at all level.

But I learned the picture on the job and I think that my simple language will be useful for all the insiders who want to progress. I would also like to point out that these tips apply to all types of devices be it cameras, laptops, drones or even tablets (dedication to my mom who uses his tablet for vacation photos). No need to have a 3000 € SLR to apply the advice I will give you.

4 exemples of Composition

1 – Apply basic composition and framing rules

I would say this is one of the tips for improving your travel photos (see the first one actually). Whether you’re a beginner or a photo expert, strive to enforce basic rules of composition and framing.

Succeeding beautiful travel photos will not happen by chance and it will take a minimum of photo knowledge to do the right things (at least for the eye of a « specialist »).

When I speak of a basic composition rule, it is first and foremost the rule of thirds, which consists in placing its main subject on one of the intersecting lines which cuts the image in three. A small picture is better than text!

Make a success of your travel photos

Catch the moment !

2 – Think about what you want to take a picture

Yes I know, it sounds silly as advice, but trust me when I look at photos of memories or holidays of friends, we sometimes wonder what they wanted to take pictures! This is really one of the other tips to improve your photos while traveling!

Sunset in Valensole (France) – 2019

3 – We adapt to the hours in the day

And yes, it’s also one of the tips to improve your most important travel photos to consider. You have already realized that your photos were pale, without brightness or one with a sky « burnt » as they say (all white)? I reassure you it’s simply because you took pictures at the wrong time of day (of course, maybe also the wrong day … but that’s something else).

From my Tutorials

4 – Make contrasting and colorful photos

Realizing photos and colorful is also part of the tips to improve his travel photos that I could give. Nothing is sadder than dull pictures, without color, without shadow, without color.

5 – Exit automatic mode

QIt will take some time to learn and understand the concepts of exposure, focal length, depth of field, ISO, etc. but once all that is well understood, you will be master of your device.

I remind you that in automatic mode, it is the device that decides what he wants! Which brings us to the next point.

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