Netflix under pressure: The first Disney+ series is now more popular than Stranger Things

How popular and successful Star Wars is…

Netflix is under pressure because Star Wars is, among other things, shows the very good start of the Disney + series. This dethrones even the long-time hit Stranger Things.

While we have to wait patiently for the launch of The Mandalorian on Disney + in this country, the Star Wars series in the US already breaks huge records. There, the company Parrot Analytics has researched the streaming behavior and published research results, the numbers speak for the series. This is reported by Forbes and Business Insider.
The Mandalorian had 100 million “demand expressions”

Exactly two weeks ago, on November 12, 2019, the streaming service Disney + was launched. In the week of November 17 to 23, The Mandalorian had a status of 100 million, which Parrot Analytics calls “demand expression”.

But what does that mean exactly?

Demand Expression is a metric, a measure of popularity. Behind each of the 100 million Demand Expressions is the action of a consumer facing the show: a social media post, an input into an Internet search engine, a Like, or just watching an episode. Simply the whole range of communication around a series.

The number indicates how coveted a movie is, a series – but not how many people ultimately viewed it. In comparison to Mandalorian’s 100 million actions, Stranger Things only targeted 81 million, dethroning the Netflix series after 21 weeks at the top of the streaming Star Wars spin-off.

Parrot Analytics also compared the launch of The Mandalorian to the launch of other sci-fi series. It was the seventh day after the start considered: The series with Pedro Pascal 298 percent ahead of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, 175 percent before HBO’s West World Season 2, 72.3 percent before Doctor Whos 11th Season and 69 , 8 percent ahead of Stranger Things.

The Mandalorian is far ahead of other sci-fi series, but Stranger Things is menacingly close to the Star Wars series.

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