Lume Cube Collaboration.

Lume Cube is leading the revolution in portable, durable, powerful lights for photo and video devices such as phones, cameras and GoPro’s.

I am proud to announce my collaboration with Lume Cube, the brand of connected lamp that is becoming more and more known, because of the quality of their equipment, their innovation, and also thanks to the collaborators, ambassadors of the brand, who feed days in days collective creativity, new forms of photos and lighting surface, and LumeCube was able to put his image on this movement that is born.

For the occasion I received Lamps from them, I thank them. I will soon post on my profile photos taken with it, you can enjoy for the moment these stories to discover the products, the brand and some examples here.

Lume Cube Air
Lume Cube LED Light
LED Light

Take your Lumecube on the LUMECUBE SHOP.