How does music boost imagination and creativity?

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Music is one of the main triumphs of human creativity. Universal art, it has been present across all cultures in the world since time immemorial.

This is not due to chance, nor even to the simple pleasure that it awakens in us to listen to it. A powerful effects on us, both physically and cerebral.


Music therapy, for example, makes it possible to alleviate certain health disorders (stress, anxiety, etc.) or to encourage various aspects of one’s personality, including creativity.

We lend the same virtues to binaural sounds. You can find them for various applications on YouTube (tip: use a YouTube converter to download and listen to them when you have a moment, in the car or on public transport for example).


The first aspect is the modulation of attention (Koelsch, 2009). Sounds grabs our attention and distracts us from stimuli that may lead to negative experiences (such as worry, pain, anxiety and so on) (Koelsch, 2009). This may also explain the anxiety and pain-reducing effects of listening to music during medical procedures (Koelsch, 2009).


The second way music therapy work is through modulation of emotion (Koelsch, 2009). Studies have shown that music can regulate the activity of brain regions that are involved in the initiation, generation, maintenance, termination, and modulation of emotions (Koelsch, 2009).


You can stimulate a wide range of emotions. Beyond that, it has concrete effects on our inspiration and our creative efforts.

Countless studies have looked at how music affects our creativity. I have noted four conclusions below which show the real link between music and creativity through certain components of the latter: a positive state of mind, relaxation, inspiration without forgetting a little concentration.

A very nice way to combine business with pleasure!

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