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Portrait Samir BELHAMRA @Grafixart_photo

I’m Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo, and since I was a child, I have been fascinated by art.. creativity.
Born in a modest family, in a small neighborhood with building as the only landscape.

I Started drawing, making graffiti’s and inventions when i was a kid, then Internet, Photography and tools such as Photoshop opened an endless horizon to travel through graphic universes. They allowed me to develop my ideas and launch my computer graphics business, in other words : my main tool !

Today, my style is atypical, situated between reality and imagination and with this: I hope that my artworks will make people dream, travel and change perceptions.


Partnerships / Collaborations :

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SIRUI Tripod Partnership and Review, XP-PEN DECO Pro Medium, DasKeyboard 5Q


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Bio and Path :

I always learned all by myself using the internet, forums, youtube videos, etc… I started my own business of Graphic Designer in 2011, and since, I do some little projects and also big works for regular clients, besides, I started to work with people on Instagram too.


Start :

After summer 2017, a friend had told me to start photography, I am falling in love with Photography retouch at this time and never touched Lightroom before July 2017, but I started from the beginning, with learning basics of retouch, landscape, and portrait. As everybody does, I Watched a lot of videos about the basics of Photography, then I bought my first camera, a Sony A7 with the Kit Lens, and it was a second hand. After that, I Sign-up on Instagram at the same time, at first just by passion, to share with others my first retouch, to receive some criticism and also to inspire me. Inspired by amazing artists on Instagram and I continue to discover from days to days new talents.

Golden Ratio - @grafixart_photo
Kirkjufell Mount, in Iceland
The Smell of Silence- Series by Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo - 3


After 1 Year on IG :

1 year on Instagram, and a lot of reposts, sharing on big pages, some good collaborations with famous people like the DJ Don Diablo, I decided to transform my passion into something more professional, I deleted a lot of my post, I changed my Instagram profile and my bio description. I started to contact brands, looking for collaborations, partnerships. Then I started to sell presets and tutorials, keeping my work of independent graphic designer beside, it’s like an evolution of my work, I was sometimes boring to only work for clients, without leaving my imaginations to speak to 100%, so… I found on my Instagram a way to share my personal views of places, landscapes…

Informations :

Personally, I never go into a Graphic Design or Photography School, we have all our way to learn, some of us prefer School, others prefer to learn by themselves, the most important it’s to be comfortable with the tools you use (video.. book.. teaching…).

Last words :

Big advice i can and I need to give is: BE YOURSELF. This can look “Cliché”, but… Try to find a place between copy and inspiration… between your vision and what you see everyday.. don’t block yourself into a BOX! Break the rules and don’t run about the “likes” on social media, people will come to you naturally if you do what you love!